Vancouver suspends short-term rental permits amid court battle all over host privacy

The City of Vancouver appears to be cracking down on ones not following the rules above short-term rentals amid a legal fight over whether it needs to release its short-term rental database.

Not to mention Dec. 17, 2021 workplace of the Information and Level of privacy Commissioner of B. C. procured the city to release its information of phrase rental license holders after having a freedom of information request.

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The city had as far as Jan. 28, 2022 to achieve that.

But the daylight hours before the deadline, Airbnb launched a request in the BC Supreme Bulle to have the purchase order thrown out.

Airbnb argued the release of information could actually threaten license holders’ safeguards, is a violation of their additional privacy and that the deadline to make the tips public was unreasonably limited.

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Housing advocates are asking the timing of the case, as it was launched nearly a month long and a half after the privacy commissioner’s decision.

Advocate and start Vancouver city council option Rohana Rezel has promoted responsibility for submitting the freedom of information request that caused the legal battle.

On his website , Rezel said he made the same freedom of information request to the city three years ago, but was told that the data could not be released because of security and privacy concerns.

On both Tuesday and Wednesday the city of Vancouver held business licence hearings for two people suspected of breaking of short term rental bylaws.

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There were no hearings of this nature held in 2021.

In each hearing, council upheld the suspension of a short-term rental licence of a host who the city believes had been renting out a property where they don’t actually live.

Short term rentals are merely allowed in a host’s primary residence, per a bylaw established in 2018.

The last time this type of hearing was held was September of 2020.

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