Vancouver crews work to ocean up shoreline ahead of double tide on Monday

Staff by means of Vancouver’s park board if you to shore up the city’s shoreline ahead of another king tide , expected Monday.

The Stanley Park seawall, areas near Kits Pool and the Jericho Pier suffered significant damage earlier this month when a king tide arrived at the same time as a powerful windstorm.

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In a Twitter update Friday the Vancouver Park Board said there was a high volume of debris in the water and on shorelines due to recent storms, which could potentially smash into the seawall, causing more damage.

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Crews were attempting to remove as much debris that they can ahead of Monday and getting temporary reinforcements to flojo parts of the seawall, good park board.

After the top players tide, work will begin available on long-term repairs to injured areas of the popular promenade, sizeable parts of which remain made to the public.

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King Tides, which will be more pronounced in winter, occur many sun and moon’s gravitational forces reinforce each other — periods when the moon is very much closest to the Earth.

Experts have raised complications that the damage suffered you can month’s king tide and simply storm surge could got more common in the future due to superior sea levels and more habitual storms coming with climate vary.

Click to play video: 'Experts warn seawall damage sign of things to come amid sea level rise and climate change' a: 19 Experts warn seawall damage sign of some things to come amid sea rate rise and climate differ

Experts advise seawall damage sign having to do with things to come amid underwater level rise and weather change – Jan 7, 2022

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