Oklahoma city Bay man charged thanks to aggravated assault following south-side incident

Thunder Bay police enjoy charged a 43-year-old boyfriend following an assault towards the city’s south side.

Public were called to a house in the 300 block related to Brodie Street South just after 9 a. m. Monday with reports of an aggression that had just was held.

Responding representatives located the male suspect, that also appeared to be hiding, as well as per injured male victim.

Court arrest learned the victim enjoyed verbally confronted the under attack in the hallway of the place about a disturbance the incriminated was causing. The charged then attacked the recipient with an object.

The client was taken to hospital to be treated.

During the investigation, police aside from that located a cell phone about that belonged to a separate victim.

A accused has been charged through aggravated assault, possession of houses obtained by crime for $5, 000, possession of crack, and breach of devoir.

The accused appeared to be able to court Friday and appeared to be to remanded into custody.

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