Unusual April snow, thundersnow potential across B. C. ’s South Coast Tuesday

A rare Early compacted snow warning financial debt effect for B. H. ‘s South Coast.

Not only could the region see more snow on Tuesday, however thundersnow, which is a thunderstorm that experts claim produces snowfall rather than rain fall.

The last high time Vancouver recorded measurable snow in April was instruction online 2008, and, since recording media of the past began in 1937, at the same time snowed in April with just 10 of those years.

A cold, unstable airmass has been over the region for a lot of days. Temperatures on Saturday will be a good six to eight available degrees below average for this time of year.

In addition , a low-pressure centre will cross the outside of Vancouver Island and ape a trigger for convection, which causes either thunderstorms since intense precipitation storm your cells.

These takes advantage of storms will bring gusty really winds, lightning, rain and come to most parts of the of this coast. Several centimetres created by snow could also fall in a brief time period over a localized area.

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Remarkably variable snow is in the calculate for the South Coast upon Tuesday. Global BC

The best chance of taking a look at snow will be over more expensive elevations and in northeast Local Vancouver, where zero returning to five centimetres is possible.

Inland regions of this island then and along the east along the from Comox to Campbell River could see 5-6 to 10 cm on Wednesday morning.

Due to the nature of convection, the precipitation will be well variable from location up to location, so residents are actually urged to be ready for much.

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