Tragedy landing of helicopter involved in fighting forest fire while in investigation

The pilot of a copter involved in efforts to challenge forest fires was sprained when the aircraft went down roughly Nipigon earlier this week.

Finally the Ontario Ministry of Nature’s Resources and Forestry validated a commercially operated micro helicotper contracted by the ministry appeared to be to involved in the incident, when it attempted to make an emergency landing old Monday evening.

A spokesperson with the Buses Safety Board of Alberta said the helicopter lost use at 900 metres, colliding with the ground just over femton kilometres northeast of Nipigon.

The pilot, who was in the summertime person onboard, was rescued by a different helicopter. The nature of the injuries was not disclosed, but they were described as grave.

The helicopter was substantially defective as a result of the incident.

That Transportation Safety Board ture of Canada is deploying the team of investigators.

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