S. C. Muslims say ideas and prayers are not ample amounts in the wake of Paris, Ont. attack

“Shock” and “horror” are the words Yusuf Siraj of the BC Muslim Ligue uses to describe the attack on the helpless Muslim family working in london, Ont.

“In that family, we see our families, we see our family, we see ourselves, ” a person said.

For 2 years, Siraj has been working to fix the hate and hurt someone caused by Islamophobia.

“Islamophobia — the hate, irrational hatred of Muslims, discrimination towards Muslims — it is almost as though the accepted in Canada at an proper level, ” Siraj agreed.

Sadly, he admits that, racist sentiment towards Muslims exists in this province.

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From April, the family of a nine-year-old girl in Surrey gave a talk out after she got subject to racist slurs at about a Superstore from a man allegedly referring to the child as a terrorist.

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“When it happens with you, then you realize that this is realistic and people do think that way towards you and your culture and it’s not right, ” the girl’s father, Mourad Kaoufaoui referred to.

“You am positive, if you wear the scarf, it’s your option. ”

Click to play image: 'Parents of nine-year-old unwilling recipient of alleged racist confrontation in Surrey grocery store articulates out' 1: 24 Parents of nine-year-old injured of alleged racist attack in Surrey grocery store asserts out

Parents using nine-year-old victim of deposed racist attack in Surrey grocery store speaks out ~ Apr 15, 2021

Many of those on the front lines involving fighting Islamophobia say accidental injuries of hate can traumatize a person for life.

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Siraj encourages non-Muslims to get to know his community.

“Reach out to those, talk to them, ” this person said. “See that they are just normal folks, exactly like you. ”

He says in moments like this, it is recommended to question biases and stereotypes.

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“We’re good people, ” he said. “We’re Canadian just like you. ”

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