40-year-old Thunder Bay woman faced with a charge over thefts from pensioners and other vulnerable residents

A 40-year-old Thunder Bay woman has always been facing new charges to incorporate in thefts from seniors perfectly vulnerable residents in the downtown.

Police said the offender was arrested on September 20  and charged additional crimes that stretch go back to the spring of this day.

However , she is also facing nearly 46 other charges from parecido crimes that occurred in 2020; those charges are still effective their way through the in the court system, police said.

That recent charges stem from your investigation conducted by the police’s Crimes against Seniors Home, with assistance from the Damage and Enter and Theft, thievery, unlawful act, wrongdoing Unit and uniform patrol officers into a series of situations in which seniors and other exposed victims were stolen in or defrauded.

The problems involved a suspect, alternatively suspects, gaining entry in regards to the homes of victims  then stealing or defrauding to them of money or belongings.

Arm of the law said in once hiya incident, which occurred around July 3, a female bad mom broke into a home inside the 100 block of Cumberland Street south.

The person in the incident had specific mobility and was who cannot leave their bed that assistance. The suspect moved into the home claiming to be a professional medical worker, but refused to increase identify herself; she fled before police arrived.

Review led police to identify a suspect  and determine that the same exact suspect had entered all other homes in the same house on the same date and stolen cash from vulnerable casualty.

The accused was rotting in jail on July 20 and as a consequence charged with two locations of failing to go along with a release order, one particular count of being unlawfully inside dwelling  and two matters of theft under $5, 000, in relation to the 2021 incidents.

However , the charges can be found in addition to 39 others those accused is facing, which specifically relate to other incidents where it occurred in January, March, August and May of 20020: the values include four counts of a uttering forged documents, fraud over $5, 000, 15.6 counts of failing on comply with probation, eight number of fraud under $5, 000  and two offers of theft under $5, 000.

The accused showed up in court on Friday and was remanded to make custody.

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